Access Control

Access Control

The Access Control/Visit Recording System will increase your club’s security, keep payments up to date and provide information on attendees and non-attendees. As well as picking up lapsed or overdue members, and members visiting outside their allowed time, it can be set-up to warn on birthdays, messages, impending renewals, fitness tests and courtesy calls. Compatible with many card swipe and biometric systems, the system can be configured to operate either on the desk or to control a door or turnstile. It displays a photo on screen and can play sound bytes to help recognise the different warnings. If members also swipe on exit, a customer register can be held. A search routine allows for members who have forgotten their card or ID number. 


  • Increased security
  • Improved cash-flow
  • Satisfies health and safety
  • Management information
  • Fully Integrated with Epos and Bookings
  • Non-attenders report and mail-merge
  • Desk, door or turnstile mounted
  • Sound byte playback
  • Warning system, messaging etc.
  • Swipe card compatible
  • Biometric compatible
  • Photo image display

Ievo fingerprint scanner features and description

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