Club System Lite

A new package is now available, which may be of interest if your facility has less than 1000 members. Intended for health clubs and fitness centres, the system includes:

  •   Our standard Membership Administration/CRM module, with all its usual capabilities of handling marketing, mail-shots, and subscriptions, but limited to 500 customer records
  •   Our standard Access Control module, which displays membership details, records visits and provides warnings at the front desk
  •   Built-in link to GoCardless for DD collections* 
  •   Either 500 Swipe Cards plus a Swipe Card Reader or a Fingerprint Scanner plus the integrated recognition system
  •   Web Cam for taking members’ photos
  •   Installation on 2 PCs, desk and office
  •   Fully detailed online Instruction Manual plus basic training
  •   Telephone Support - 9 am to 5 pm - 365 days of the year
  •   Fully hosted, cloud-based system delivered from our London data centre

 This offer price is just £399 for the equipment plus a monthly fee of £29

 Additional modules can be added at any point in the future, so an ideal place to start

 Check out some of the features of this product below…… or contact us now and ask for an online demo

Visit recording is a very important issue for most fitness centre managers. Traditionally, recording visits has been aided by swipe cards, but now it can be done with the mere touch of a finger. Once members have registered their fingerprint - takes a few seconds - subsequent visits require only a touch on the scanner to log them in. No more lost and forgotten cards - no more card bills. Fingerprint Images are NOT stored!

Of course, if you or your members prefer, we can also supply all the standard types of cards available on the market today - check here

* All prices subject to VAT. Direct debit rate 2%