Spa Management

The Spa Management Module alleviates the complex task of managing appointments in a Spa or Salon environment. The main purpose of the system is to allocate the various resources, such as staff, treatments, rooms and equipment to your clients’ requirements. This means you can be sure you have not double-booked a member of staff or a piece of equipment. The system takes into account the staff availability, the available pieces of equipment, the location of the equipment and whether it is fixed, the capabilities of the staff to perform the treatment, and any adverse medical conditions. Add to that a customer database and an EPOS system, and you have a fully integrated, multi-user, multi-site, multi-faceted management tool.

  • Staff rota and qualifications
  • Multi-level pricing structure
  • Intelligent booking with auto-book
  • View By day, week and month
  • Handles multiple sites
  • Links to customer database
  • Create your own packages & courses
  • Revenue and usage reporting
  • Customer accounts and sales ledger
  • Contra indication handling
  • Link to point of sale & stock control