The Membership/CRM System is a tried and tested solution to your customer administration problems. It will save time and effort in almost all spheres of your daily workload, increase your awareness of your target market and give you the information you require promptly. It handles renewals, membership accounts, monthly payments, prospects, staff, debtors, non-attendees, address labels, mail merge, and market analysis. User defined marketing fields let you categorise your clients, which can be subsequently used along with their other details to select sections of your customer or prospect database for mail-shots. Some of the system’s special features include built-in photo identification, optional fingerprint recognition, and text messaging.

3 Easy Steps for adding members by DD

Once you have a member on your web site and they want to join, the first step is to select their membership product. Membership products can be simple entry based products, peak off-peak etc. or they can be related to a fixed or unlimited number of activities, for example, 3 classes a week, 10 visits per month, unlimited classes. Once the customer has signed up, the system will notify of any changes or non-payments, and warnings will be displayed at the desk upon entry.

Choose your product....

Fill your personal details.....

Add your bank details........


  • Save hours on administration
  • Improve membership retention
  • Effective management information
  • Manage subscriptions using GoCardless 
  • 9 pages of membership details
  • Mail-merge to MS Word, Outlook & Others inc. BYM
  • Renewals, birthday and debtors lists
  • Many reports and charts
  • Text messaging 
  • Easy to use

Staying in Touch!

There is no better way of keeping in touch than using Mail-Merge. Our CRM system allows you to select customers for correspondence by letter, email, fax or text message all at the same time. Selection is made in a number of ways, for example, the members who have not been in the club for the last 2 months, members who are due to renew next month, non-members between the ages of 20 and 40 who have expressed an interest in classes etc. I think you get the picture!